Programme Officers:

  • Mr. Prabhu(S&H)
  • Mr. Prabhu(MECH)

Student Representatives:

  • Samson Antony – II Mechanical
  • Michael Joe – II Mechanical
  • Bosco – II ECE
  • Abishek M.S – II EEE

The objective of the NSS is outlined as follows:

  • To create social awareness leading to effective action.
  • To be actively and constructively involved in the needs and problems of the society and thus become agents of social change.
  • To identify the needs and problem of the society and involve them in problem solving.
  • To acquire leadership qualities and democratic qualities.



To inspire and empower our students through dynamic programs, create opportunities to serve through specialized leadership training and to realize the mission of the Red Cross & Red Ribbon Club by participating in.

  • Service Programmes
  • Leadership Development
  • International Initiatives
  • Youth-driven Emergency

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